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Hear the difference when your midi data becomes a ‘live’ piano recording at

We will playback your music on our impeccably maintained Yamaha Disklavier acoustic grand piano, pictured above, and then work our magic to make the instrument sing. And that doesn’t mean just adjusting the master volume and running the track! On each of our custom-made recordings, we take the time required to tailor the midi velocity values of individual notes where necessary to produce the best sounding piano performance first. (This process of optimizing the midi data for Disklavier playback is what we call ‘rendering’). Only then is the piano recorded – via a world-class signal path - back into our workstation and pristine audio files produced for you to download and use in your mix.

Our low flat rate of $200 per track includes time to render the midi data, record and deliver the audio files, and respond to any requests for changes.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Who can Benefit from Get Real's MIDI to Disklavier Rendering Service?


Pro Composers

Make us your first call for authentic acoustic piano recordings when you need them – we’re fast, reliable and convenient.  Hear your midi keyboard performances spring to life on a real acoustic instrument in ways that samples simply can’t match. And best of all, you can have your real piano sound custom rendered, recorded, and returned via the web while you do something else. It’s that easy.

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Studio Owners

If your client wants the sound of a real grand piano instead of another sampled piano, and you don't have one, you don’t need to send them to your competition. Just send us their midi piano track recorded on your weighted keyboard controller and you’ll receive a high res stereo audio file of a great piano sound that’s ready for mixing in a matter of days. You and your client will both be happy.

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Piano Players

If you've been asked to provide a recording of your playing for a special occasion (such as a wedding, a singing contest, or a theatre performance) or as part of a music CD, DVD, or other video soundtrack, we can help.  Work at your own pace, without a studio clock running, to get it right on your familiar midi keyboard. Upload the midi file and you’ll soon sound like you played a real grand piano live!