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Let Us Convert your MIDI file to Acoustic Piano

We offer a premium service that does the midi to Disklavier conversion right.  Our unique process of optimizing the midi data before recording, makes the Disklavier sound far better than it normally would in an unassisted direct conversion.  By using our ears and pianistic intelligence in a patient and methodical manner, we can produce a more believable and musical result than has ever been offered before using this technology.

Without automation there has traditionally been only 2 ways to get the sound of an acoustic piano into a recording:

Option #1 Record a live piano performance utilizing a good player, instrument, live room, recording equipment and engineer.

Option #2 Produce a perfect midi performance in your sequencer using piano samples and record the output.

While the majority of pianists and composers quite naturally prefer the sound of Option #1, most will settle for the sound of Option #2 when making recordings – usually a practical compromise due to budget, access, or time considerations.

However, by incorporating automation Get Real Piano’s innovative approach offers a super convenient third option for achieving a recorded piano sound.

Option #3 Produce a perfect midi performance, upload it to, and receive a recording from a live acoustic piano session a few days later.

midi-data-warmThe Get Real approach actually gives you the best of both worlds. Enjoy all of the advantages of editing your piano performance in a midi sequencer without sacrificing the sound of a real acoustic piano in the final mix!

Just upload your file and leave the rest to us. We will first skillfully transform your midi data into a truly compelling performance on the Yamaha Disklavier and then expertly capture the sound in living stereo. Download the results and listen as the overtones of the notes in your chords actually interact with one another, just like they do in the real world.  Even more so when you use the sustain pedal.  Imagine the impact that your piano track could have with the heightened sense of realism that this process provides.

So get real. And upload your midi piano track(s) today.

Pro Composers:

Get the sound without the hassle.

If the song or the scene is crying out for the honesty and emotion of a real piano, don’t sell yourself short by using piano samples. Distinguish yourself and your work by delivering a gorgeous sounding Disklavier recording from Get Real instead.

Save time. When your midi piano track is done, just upload it to for recording while you get back to making music. Within a few days, you’ll be able to download a custom stereo audio file from a professionally produced acoustic piano session to load into your sequencer for the final mix. Turnaround times of less than 24 hours can often be arranged when required. And all without ever leaving the comfort of your own studio or using more of your valuable time!

You’ll save money too. Let’s say you decide that your piece needs a real piano, and arrange to do it the traditional way. By the time you’ve booked an external studio with a suitable instrument, hired a recording engineer, arranged for a tuning if need be, and factored in your own time traveling to and attending the session – let alone hiring a pianist if necessary – it could end up costing you a lot more than our value-priced flat rate.